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I am not techy and I am not a numbers person, give me human behavior any day!!

So, I am new..... I want to figure out if selling on ebay is worth it. I don't have a real investment into my inventory, but I tons of hours into learning ebay and Auctiva and all that goes with it. I decided to open a store in November...I had my first sale on Dec. 13, 07. I now have pages and pages of ebay listings if I were to print them all out.
PayPal, less so, depending on the view, and the level of detail I want, about 3 pages.

Core Question:
How do other people keep track of their gross and net per item without doing it manually?

Is there a feature that enables us to combine them into one data resource?

I was thinking of printing an ebay invoice for each sale, then handwrite the PayPal charges on it. Then I hae to manually enter them into a spread sheet.....That seems so redundant when I look at "all" the info and "sorts" we can access on ebay. There must be an easy way to do it.

Problem: My version of excel is new and it's a student program (?) and ebay doesn't seem to download into it.
I don't have Quickbooks nor am I ready to invest in it.
I do have quicken but haven't been able to download the data into it.

I know someone here is savvy in both areas, not to mention Auctiva.
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