I recently started using Auctiva for it's consignment abilities. Is there a way to edit a live listing to add the consignor or do I need to wait until the unsold listing ends? The original listings were set up in eBay to auto-relist (at least 100+ items) so I would have to edit the auto-relist option so that will be a little bit of a chore...
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Hello carben14 -

Unfortunately, you cannot add consignment associations to already active listings.

If you wish to associate items with consignors you have set up in your Auctiva account you would need to import the listings from the Closed Listings page of your account once they have ended on eBay into your Saved Listings in Auctiva and, after having set up your consignors and commission plans, edit the Saved Listings prior to re-posting them.

So, once you see the items in the Closed Listings you can use the 'Import Listings' button on the Closed Listings page to import such listings over to your Saved Listings. Then, in any particular Saved Listing you would need to use the checkbox for "Is this a consignment item?" and assign the consignor and commission plan to that item. You can then re-post the item from your Saved Listings.

- Craig

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