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I have been trying to create a few custom templates. My problem is that the 1st border goes away when I go to edit my fonts, etc.
Here is my practice board link:

I would like to have three borders. Is something in my coding wrong? My border spacing? The border that goes away is - OutsideBorder, the first one listed.

I appreciate any help anyone has to offer!

Thanks! (I link to photobucket for my images - the)

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Hi Kelli,

I looked at your practice HTML and the paths to your images like "OutsideBorder.gif" are incomplete. You will need to use the entire path (probably something like "") for them to show up correctly.

The reason why you see anything when looking at this example is because there is a one pixel border showing around your first table where you use the image "MiddleBorder.gif" and another border for the innermost table where you use the image "3rdBorderBackgroundforText.gif". Hope that helps you out some.

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