In this save money/recycle environment, I wondered if there is any thought to adding the CENTURY GOTHIC font to the Auctiva font choice list within the Description Field? Century Gothic is known to use considerably less ink when printing. I'm sure many sellers (myself included) and buyers print their auction pages and this would cut down ink usage SO much for everyone without them even trying. Thanks for considering!
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Hello bleubird -

At present Century Gothic is not available as a selection in the font choices for the description editor, however, if you can edit the HTML for the descriptions of your listings, you should be able to add the appropriate font tag in the HTML to have the font display on eBay (as long as eBay supports the font as well).

However, I will also pass your suggestion along as a feature request to our Product Management team for their consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think.

- Craig
Hi Craig.

Thanks for your quick reply. I usually copy and paste into the description field, but will attempt your remedy with html - not my forte Smile

I appreciate you passing along my suggestion - saving $$ is a great thing. I would also like to say I find the new updated Image Uploader to be fabulous and efficient....way to go, Auctiva!

Thanks again.

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