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We’ve recently made some great improvements to Auctiva that we wanted to share with you!

Support for Business Policies!

If you have business policies enabled on eBay, you can now use them in your Auctiva account! On the One-Page Lister, you’re able to select which policies you want to use for your payment, shipping and returns details, allowing you to create new listings even faster.  Any saved listings you currently have will use the existing listing details, but you can update these saved listings to use your business policies by using the "Edit Business Policies" button located at the top of the Saved Listings page. 

Better Mobile Navigation

We’ve added a modern touch to Auctiva’s navigation system  for a cleaner, easier-to-use mobile experience. If you use a desktop computer, all navigation features will be the same but if you use a mobile device to access Auctiva, you’ll find that navigating is now much easier. 

Want to Turn Off Business Policies?

If you aren’t interested in using your eBay business policies, you can disable them by visiting the business policies page on eBay. Afterward, log back into Auctiva and click on “Update eBay Preferences” on your account page. Following this, your lister page and listing tools will revert back to the non-business policies format.


If you have any questions or need help with business policies, feel free to contact us 24/7 on our help page. Our team will be happy to help you out! 

Happy selling!

The Auctiva Team

Director of Marketing, Auctiva

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