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Hi Elaine,

To add a template isn't too difficult, but does take some work.

1. Create a Saved Listing with Auctiva's one-page lister that reflects the template and description section the way you want it to appear for the replacement. That would include any Description text, Title, Seller Details, and pictures (with method and alignment) to embellish the template. Note, you are targeting those elements, as that code is what you are going to replace in the active listing.
ERROR CHECK, PREVIEW, and SAVE the listing.

2. Open a second browser page and use the eBay Revise listing editor to edit the target listing for update. Locate the description box and switch to HMTL mode. Delete all code with the exception of the Scrolling Gallery window code. That section begins and ends with a special comment demarc <!-- ASW -->.

3. From the other browser window, goto your Auctiva Saved Listing page. Locate the Saved Listing and Click on the <HTML> Icon at right for it's row. That will produce a pop-up box where you Select All and then Copy the code.

4. Back to the eBay Description box. Paste the code to replace the section you previously deleted. Use the preview before you finalize the update to double-check that it looks correct. You can always back-off and try again if it's not correct.

Hope that helps.

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