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Recently decided to sell Adult items under same user name. If I could have 2 different SG's that would be best but maybe not possible for one account?
I know I can select items to be excluded but this is not a great solution.
What happens if both types show? Viewers not cleared for Adult can click on one but would get the vetting window. Does Bay have rules abt this?
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Hi ukidnme$,

Thanks for posting your question here. We do not currently support the ability to create two distinct scrolling galleries through one Auctiva account so it would not be possible to segregate your standard and adult items completely as you have described.

However, our system is at least set up such that eBay buyers who are not verified as adults would not see adult items in your scrolling gallery or Auctiva Emporium so, if that is your only concern, you should be able to list both types of items through one account without issue.

The only way to ensure that your standard are adult items are never shown to anyone on the same page would be to list them through separate eBay accounts, which would also require creating a separate Auctiva account for each.


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