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I've been sitting on the fence about changing my Ebay name to something closer to what my eventual store will be, and also adding an account only for buying.

I know you have to be careful how you do it in order to transfer feedback ratings, and I know I'll be giving up a name I've become attatched to over many years. (I hate that partFrown )

Any advice, or stories from folks out there who have gone through this? How important is "the right name"?
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I may be wrong, but I believe the main reason some sellers choose to have a separate account for buying is that they don't want any negative feedback to effect their seller rating. Since sellers will no longer be allowed to leave negative feedback, using the same account can only help you. I don't know if it's important for your ebay name and your ebay store to compliment each other. I did change my name around the time I opened my store, but I can't say there's been any benefit.
OK, speaking as a BUYER on this's the item that's important, NOT the name. I recieved one of the best items I ever won the other day in the mail, but I couldn't tell you the name of the seller Confused Smile Buyers buy something because they want that particular item, not because they like your user name.

If you like your current name, keep it. And I absolutely agree with the above post - use a seperate account for buying. I always found that to be prudent even before all these changes came about. Whatever you decide, it's your call Smile ... JMHO

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