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Did you receive an email message from AC similar to the one below?

$15 off your first purchase! When you open a free AliExpress account, you'll get a $15 coupon toward any purchase of $15 or more. Just be sure to sign up and then return to the Auctiva Sourcing tab to claim your coupon by 7/19, when the promotion will end.

Please be warned, and extremely careful. is full of fraudulent sellers all over the world. Every Jack & Jill can become a seller on 85% of these sellers required Moneygram or Western Union for payment. This is a big fraud.

AliExpress is a little bit different, because when a buyer makes a payment, it goes into an escrow account. A seller cannot touch or claim this money until a buyer receives orders, and satisfy the order is what was paid for.

You can read more about the escrow account in the link below.

AliExpress Escrow
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There is no reason for us to take this post down. As long as you don't violate forum policy, you can say what's on your mind on our forums; that's what they are for.

Just as in every business, in every eCommerce marketplace you are going to find some bad sellers. They all have them --every one. After all, eBay has a big Trust and Safety Department and they stay quite busy and even then they can't catch every bad seller on their site.

Joyland Gift Store points out one of the features that AliExpress has introduced to combat the bad seller and that's the AliExpress Escrow.

AliExpress Escrow is a good thing.
If you have the sourcing tab enabled for your account, and we are still gradually rolling the tab out to Auctiva sellers so not everyone has it yet) after you have signup for your free AliExpress account, you will have access to the specific coupon's that are available at the time you access the page. These coupons change as time goes by, and we don't always have coupons available.

Each coupon is dated so there is a limited time you can use them. Coupons can't be redeemed once the coupon is expired.

Hope this helps.
Do we REALLY need more cheap plastic crap from China in this country? Isn't it bad enough that our manufacturing base and jobs are all over there now without adding to the misery? Why don't you source out good AMERICAN made goods, and make those items available to sellers?
Oh, wait..can't find anything made in this country anymore..
I have really taken a different look at recently. I delt with them long before they were a part of Auctiva. The last 2 orders I received from their "Gold" suppliers turned out to be fake copies of the original product. After I reported it, the supplier was still able to continue to be active as a Gold supplier. Sure I got my money back through Escrow but that tied up my capital for 9 days on each order. When I see that a company has a Gold Supplier rating I expect them to be checked out. And the 9 day response time for the guilty supplier on an Escrow claim is just horrid. Tie up my money and I can't make anything on it. Be careful on AliExpress.
Fraud Forces Top Execs Out At, the fast-growing Chinese e-commerce site that links global buyers with Asian manufacturers, announced yesterday that its CEO and COO had resigned after an internal investigation uncovered fraud at the company. David Wei, the company's longtime CEO, and Elvis Lee, the COO, were not directly involved in the fraud, but left the company after accepting responsibility for not stopping
Earth to Alibaba/Auctiva:

Auctiva's latest newsletter provides slanted news of Alibaba graft and fraud. Spin: other sites also have been troubled by scams.

The difference between the other examples given and Alibaba: Alibaba EMPLOYEES were involved in the endemic fraudulent behavior.

No evidence given in other examples to suggest that the operators of the other sites named - eBay, Craigslist - were involved in scams and other fraudulent behavior!

And Alibaba took its own sweet time to purge the fraudulent behavior and employees from their site.

Trade on Alibaba at your own peril.
Joyland is correct, Alibaba is definitely not AliExpress!
I would suggest Only using AliExpress and leave Alibaba alone.
While AliExpress uses an escrow account to hold your money until the goods are received, Alibaba does not, and you could loose big. Many people have lost money dealing with Alibaba, and even though they were using their "Gold Verified" sellers, Alibaba will not protect them.
...Remember, Alibaba will not stand behind you in a transaction that has gone bad. If you deal with someone who wants money to be sent or wired up front, you are basically on your own.
Read some of the complaints I found from people who got ripped off, here: Alibaba Scams It is eye opening!
It is great that AliExpress has this escrow account but do you have any idea how long they tie up your money while waiting on a decision? I'm in the middle of a dispute right now that began almost 60 days ago. My money has been tied up for that many days which means it is not making me money. AliExpress and Alibaba, (they are really the same right), is allowing known scammers to operate as "Gold Suppliers" who are suppose to be verified and monitored. The supplier who I am having the problems with is still operating today. Check them out. Digital Deals Tech Inc. is still out there selling fake items. I will not be doing any more business with either AliExpress or Alibaba until they stop just taking the thousands of dollars it takes to be a Gold Supplier without verifying or checking up on the companies they accept that money from. Be very careful unless you have a few thousand dollars to tie up in disputes for who knows how long.
I've now ordered 3 items from 3 different supplies on AliExpress and 2 of those were fake/low quality and the third one is still in transit (a month later). I've opened a dispute for 2 of those and got my money back on 1 and waiting on the other (money back only took about a week). I just don't get it! Why can't they supply decent goods? Why do they have the need to scam people left and right? The Chinese have the worst reputation now because of this, no one trusts them in business and you can say that this is racist or discriminatory but HELLO. I haven't had one decent transaction yet either on Alibaba or AliExpress or any other B2B Chinese site! I'm so tired of being ripped off. It would be really nice if one could actually order goods online without having to go to Asia to find a supplier. I can't believe that Auctiva would want to be associated with a bunch of scammers. What do they get out of it? A bunch of unhappy customers?

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