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Has anyone used them? They seem very pricey ($19.99 to join, 15-10% commission, $10-$15 monthly fee). I do however like that your items will show up on the Borders, B&N, Amazon (and a bunch of other) sites. The prices the books are fetching seem to be higher than eBay also.
Does anyone have an opinion about them, or a suggestion of other places I might go to unload a few thousand books?
Thank you in advance for your help Wink
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Hi there,

Suthrnjewl sent me this 'cause she knows I sell books a bunch of places. :-)

I started out selling on Alibris. At the time, there was no monthly fee and they listed the books on Amazon for you. Since then, they've added a monthly fee and they no longer list the books on Amazon.

I still list on them, and make money there, but they aren't a huge portion of my sales. I also list directly on Amazon now and on eBay (and some smaller venues - biblio and valore and half but I sell VERY few books on these three).

Different stuff sells on different venues. My ASP is much higher on Alibris but I sell more volume on eBay and Amazon.

I also use a service that manages the listings on the various venues - so when something sells on Alibris, it's deleted from my listings on the other venue. It's the only way I could keep it all straight! If you'd like more info write me at ironchick at ironchickstreasures dot com. Smile

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