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My train items auction has left the station and is chuggin right along...if your into trains and stuff, check it out. I have Lionel, Bachmann, and Louis Marx items up for grabs some from the late 40s..chugga chugga chugga chugga...woooo wooooooooooo!!!!! Sorry I couldnt help myself Big Grin
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Originally posted by wahm922:
I am sooo glad I clicked here!

Hubby recently did a side job as trade for a vintage train set and he plans to add to it. I'll show him your stuff later tonight and hopefully there is something here he can use Wink

Yea I cant wait for sunday afternoon when these auctions end. Some of these train items should fetch a pretty good dollar. WOOHOO!!. I always snagg up on these old train items and race tracks like TYCO and AFX and stuff.

They are usually quite valuable and you can get em cheap at yardsales and auctions. I never find trains at yardsales, only auction. But the race tracks I do run into now and then for $5 or $10 bucks. Then I just break it up and sell the pieces seperately. Last one I bought I paid $6 bucks for it and made over $120 bucks selling the pieces seperately.

A little while back I found a TYCO U.S.1 semi truck slot car unopened from like the 70s at a yard sale for a quarter. I sold it a week later for $25 and change...its crazy. Wish I had 10,000 of

Well I hope I have something your hubby wants. Sure I like to make money, but I also enjoy doing this and nothing pleases me more than when someone leaves feedback or emails me and says how much they love the item or how pleased they are. I know im a guy, but it does make ya feel kinda gushy..lolol.

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