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I was just about to launch a thread on this problem. But as one has already started ...

I relist most of my items manually each month, for my own reasons. Recently, when I've put up a folder to seek out certain items to relist, some of them are missing. When I do an individual search they appear. This makes relisting long and unnecessarily time-consuming. Anyone else having this problem, and would an Auctiva Op, please comment on this.

Thank you

michael ...
Hi Community,

We have been experiencing some issues with our database since our maintenance period last night, which is likely the reason for the behavior you have described. We're actually going to be taking the site down pretty soon to fix these problems and we expect to have everything running normally again by tomorrow morning.

Once we get these issues resolved, your data should start importing from eBay to Auctiva at a normal rate and your items should show up on your Closed Listings page promptly once again.

Hi Michael,

I must admit - I'm only still here to keep people updated on a completely different issue but, given that you have experienced this issue for over a week, I will say that it is not the result of the issue I described. One thing that could cause that is if the token associating your Auctiva account with your eBay account is invalid.

If you do just need to generate a new token, you just need to click the "Ebay Settings" link under the "My Account" tab within your account and then click the "Get New Token" link on the ensuing page. If your token was invalid and you generate one, your closed listing should resume importing in 6-8 hours or so.

If you already have a valid token and your listings still don't import, I recommend filing a support request using the web form on the following page of our site:

- Mike

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