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I need some cash to back up a purchase of mine, so I figured I'd at least give you guys a shot, although it might not be the correct audience, maybe you need what I have.

5000+ MTG cards
Silver Series 3 Selmer like Alto Saxophone
Selmer C* Mouthpiece
29 GIJOE's + 116 Accessories
Yellow Gameboy Color w/ Acc/games.

Neater stuff:
M249 Plastic ammunitions clip w/ shoulder bag(multiples).
.50 Cal used casings (30 ish)
Other casings, size unknown.
Random MRE ration parts.
M14 Replica 700 fps Airgun, Single pump/shot, Condition unknown, I havn't seen it in a while, but know were it is.
Semi Leaking 20 oz Co2 tank for Paintball.
14" Jungle Master Bowie Knife, 9 1/2" blade
2 Practice Samurai Swords(Bokkons) Wood, 41" long.

I'm adding the following:
2x 128 mb Ram sticks
10 GB Harddrive
Cd Rom drive

1994 Classic Trent Dilfer Gem Mint 10 #R7 graded by FGS

***Slim Silver PS2 w/ Controller & Mem card & Armored Core 3 & Socom*** May come with 2 year warranty, not sure how that would work yet. Brand New
Please buy my stuff!
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