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Hey, I know you guys don't allow javascript in your templates since it's against ebay policy, but is there anyway- when creating a custom template- that auctiva will read it?

I just want to do image swaps and it's so annoying that it won't work in my custom template no matter how I try to arrange the code.

Any suggestions? thx, stan
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Hi Stan,

Javascript isn't against eBay policy. In fact, eBay did discuss creating a certification process for widgets last year (for javascript), but recently decided to drop it (at least for now). I'm a member at the eBay Developers site, so I do try to track their discussions and I use the developers sandbox for testing.

I do Javascript for templates for members all the time. Are you doing the typical mouseover swaps code? If you want an assist, post the code at and place the link it provides back to the Forum.


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