altering color and thickness of image / text frames

with my non-existent html knowledge, i am attempting to make very simple changes to the cleanest, most simple new template i can find. I am using basic boxes (white) and cannot find a way to adjust the colour or thickness of the boxes surrounding the images or text areas. Am sure this is a silly question, but it is driving me crazy. Any help most greatly appreciated
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Hello beryl -

The boxes in the template you refer to are actually part of the CSS of the template and as such you would not be able to directly modify the HTML that defines them without updating to custom CSS to define them differently. While it is possible to do so using the editor if you are proficient in CSS or have a designer, there is no immediate change you could make to using HTML that would alter them as you have described here.

Please also note that we do offer a Plain White template that has no design within it but does allow you to use the current version of super-sized images in the body of your description.

- Craig

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