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Originally posted by cavaleriesoldaat:
Played Center in hockey through middle and high school...all seems so long ago...throw in 5 years of Army and a tour in Iraq...and you get my so called "other life"

On another note...I guess your pic had me picturing you as a male..threw me a curve Wink

I'll put up my own pic eventually. I wondered if using Vincent for my avatar would have people thinking I was a guy. Cool
I LOVE the Superbowl for the ads.

The games are mostly a moot point.

The Budweiser advertisement with the revolving fridge? Top notch.

The Bud commercial with the young horse? Top notch.

Of course, I'm a sucker for the monkey commercials always have been. And yes, I do remember the site that the ads pushing. Their major bucks paid off.

As always, the hubster anxiously awaited the girl. <big smile>

Here's a link for the commercials!


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