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here is the info about how
we NOW have found a natural law..... about what makes happiness and health.... the system of govt... the capitalism system . is indeed AGAINST the natural law... we now have studies of these 2 diff systems to now know this is indeed a NATURAL LAW... our health and pain and happiness is the guage to tell us what the natural laws are...

einstein with his high logic told us a long time ago.. he said capitalism was the most evil system of govt.... but at that time we did not have the studies to know... we DO NOW!!

this info on the british and americans shows how a more equal in wealth people are.. the more happy and healthy.... now the british is closer to us as a capitalist country... if americans were compared to the swedish or japanese these results would be even WORSE.. just like the life span stats are less worse in comparing the brits to americans..

so read and WEEP!!!!

The researchers looked for answers in the data, which came from government-sponsored health surveys. The research was supported by grants from government agencies in both countries. A U.S. researcher from the Rand Corp. was on the team.

Americans more obese
Smoking rates are about the same on both sides of the pond. Brits have a higher rate of heavy drinking, but a higher percentage of Americans are obese.

The researchers crunched numbers to create a hypothetical statistical world in which the British had American lifestyle risk factors, including being as fat as Americans. In that model, the researchers found Americans still would be sicker.

Only non-Hispanic whites were included in the study to eliminate the influence of racial disparities. The researchers looked only at people ages 55 through 64, and the average age of the samples was the same.

Americans reported twice the rate of diabetes compared to the British: 12.5 percent versus 6 percent. For high blood pressure, it was 42 percent for Americans versus 34 percent for the British; cancer showed up in 9.5 percent of Americans compared to 5.5 percent of Britains.

The upper crust in both countries was healthier than middle-class and low-income people in the same country. But richer Americans’ health status resembled the health of the low-income British.

Q & A America's weight problem

• How many Americans are overweight or obese?
• How do doctors define overweight versus obesity?
• How many deaths are attributed to obesity each year?
• Are children affected by the epidemic?
• Why are so many dieters doomed to fail?
• How much do we spend on obesity?
• What should we be doing?

Among men, 71 percent are overweight, including 31 percent who are obese. Among women, 62 percent are overweight, including 33 percent who qualify as obese.

Sources: CDC 2004, AHA, NIH, & NHNES • Print this

Health experts have known the U.S. population is less healthy than that of other industrialized nations, according to several important measurements. U.S. life expectancy, for example, ranks behind that of about two dozen other countries, according to the World Health Organization.

Some have believed the U.S. has lagged because it has a more ethnically diverse population than some of the higher-ranking countries, said Suzman, who heads the National Institute on Aging’s Behavioral and Social Research Program. “Minority health in general is worse than white health,” he said.

But the new study showed that when minorities are removed from the equation, and adjustments are made to control for education and income, white people in England are still healthier than white people in the United States.

“As far as I know, this is the first study showing this,” said Suzman who called the results “surprising.” But some other experts said the findings were predictable.

No financial safety net
Earlier studies have shown the United States does a poorer job than other industrialized countries at providing primary medical care to its citizens, particularly to those with less education and income, said Dr. Barbara Starfield, a professor of health policy and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University.

“Countries oriented toward providing good primary care basically do better in health,” she said.

Marmot offered yet another explanation for the gap: Americans’ financial insecurity. Improvements in household income have eluded all but the top fifth of Americans since the mid-1970s. Meanwhile, the British saw their incomes improve, he said.

Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy at the Harvard School of Public Health who was not involved in the study, said the stress of striving for the American dream may account for Americans’ lousy health.

“The opportunity to go both up and down the socioeconomic scale in America may create stress,” Blendon said. Americans don’t have a reliable government safety net like the English enjoy, Blendon said.

However, Britain’s universal health-care system shouldn’t get credit for better health, Marmot and Blendon agreed.

Both said it might explain better health for low-income citizens, but can’t account for better health of Britain’s more affluent residents.

Marmot cautioned against looking for explanations in the two countries’ health-care systems.

“It’s not just how we treat people when they get ill, but why they get ill in the first place,” Marmot said.
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I, being an American, can only say this... We live as we live, and live to be happy... smoking, drinking, EATING, etc. BTW, speaking of eating, what percentage of the British population is Italian? We Italians, whom are abundant in America, are known for our overweight stature, but we enjoy the hell out of our food. Second to none!

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