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I've been using Auctiva since early december, i use it for my job as online sales manager for a shop.

I'm getting alot of spam messages like this:

Attractive ! Please do come to visit our website at ! Here is a world full of lastest mp3mp4! Please come and choose your favorite! A wholesaler is serving you on line! Perfect items, satisfied service,easy purchase! Come on! Contact us via: Email: MSN:

Does anyone know if i can stop people from other countries from contacting me as we only ship within the UK and i've stopped people bidding on the listings.

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Are you getting the messages via eBay contact member?

If you are, there is a report button and that lets eBay know you're being spammed by the member and they SHOULD NARU the member.

Or are you talking your personal/business email?

I don't get very many spam emails via my personal account. This is due to the fact that I don't have my email address public on eBay. Not on my ME page, Contact Page or anything. If it's an eBay sale, they can use contact member as is noted in the auction and the link to contact me is on my ME page and more.

Spammers are scum as far as I'm concerned. Spammer who use robots for trolling the web for email addresses are right up there in the hall of fame of pond scum, too.

Good Luck,
Hi Suthrnjewl,

Thanks for the reply.

Its within ebay, via the question about items link. I have been reporting all these to ebay, but it's still costing me time, and i have to manually delete each "question" after reporting them otherwise ebay still tells me i have x ammount of unanswered questions on my items.

If i could block, say china, from contacting me, i'd stop the spam almot instantly as it's always from china that the messages come from.

This may be a bit off topic - but I also get a lot of spam from one of my web-sites, but these are usually *Mailer-Demon* responses saying the message I sent (oh no I didn't) has been rejected by the firewall.

As to your China note - you might be interested to know that 59% of all spam comes from the USA (which happens to be where my spammed site is served from actually) .. only 19% from China (maybe you get 18% of it) .. and only 7% from the UK.

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