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Another seller on ebay asked me point blank if so an so was the person stealing my images. It seems she has been stealing her image of a bracelet. As soon as they take it off she relists it. Just as she has been doing to my images for over 2 years. I told her to watermark it in bold because I don't think she knows how to remove it.
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I have had that same problem before but has stopped. I emailed the other seller and told them to take my pictures off and would give them 1 day to do so, otherwise would report to ebay. After that warning you just report to ebay every time and they will soon get the message and stop or be pulled off.
If ebay gets involved they can be pulled from selling for a period of time. They no longer do me at least.
hope this helps
This has been going on for 2 years +. She takes my image removes the watermark by cropping or typing over it. Then she reports me for using her image and gets my book removed. Then she gets more bids and I lose the sale. Both of us sellers who have been victims of her image theft reported her in letters to security and resolution at the same time.
There is a very simple legal way to approach this problem. File a compliant with ebay as copyright infringement (did you know that once you take a pic it is copyrighted automatically), that will get their attention. Second, while that process is going on use the contact the seller link and get her addy, send a certified letter to her notifying her of your intent to sue for copyright interfringement if she doesn't cease and desist within 30 days....most attny's will prepare and mail the letter for around 50 bucks......

I didn't know that. I need to find her address and name. All I know is her ebay name and where she says she lives. Is there anyway to find out her name and address? I'm sure she has me on her blocked list. She has even gone so far as putting stuff on her auctions against people having her auctions removed in red. Another ebay seller contacted me about the theft of her bracelet photo. She said my blog on ebay discussion groups and wanted to know if this was the same person that had been regularly stealing my photos.
Unfortunately I have to bid on an item before I can get any infomation about her. I know I have her blocked. If I tried to bid on something she would know I had a motive since I know where she buys her stuff. We sell the same items. Since she can't take a decent photo I have had to report her every week. It would be worth it to me to get a lawyer involved if this is the only way to stop. She has even used VeRo on me claiming my photo was her shot. It's such a mess. I'm not the only one she is doing this too. I put it to the other seller she has stolen from that I know of. Maybe she h as an idea.
She is doing to you exactly what I am talking about, by using VERO she is claiming that you are violating her copyrighted photo. You need to reverse that by showing date and time stamps if you have them on your camera mine does.

P.S. I would also watermark the image directly in the center of the photo a lot harder to crop out.
Mine were done on film and scanned. Some were direstly scanned as they are flat. Since coming on autiva I have put the watermarks in huge print in the center of the items. Unfortunately, she has apparently taken my images from years ago and kept them in her computer. I go through this every week with her.
I report her.She didn't start watermarking my images until some time in January. I went through VeRo and she took that image off this week of her LIW album. It took months after going through vero and then they said it wasn't there dept and sent me back to security.

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