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Pack IT and win IT.

3 ways to enter, 2 ways to win

1 - buy something on or
2 - submit an entry
3 - pick what ebay staff has packed

You can only enter one time per User ID per day when using method 1 or 2 (both count as same. If you enter via method #2, buying something will NOT give you another entry for that User ID.

You get another entry when using #3. Again, one per User ID per day. But this allows a second entry per UserID when combined with other way of entering (hopefully that makes sense)

hints for "pick what's packed" puzzle available each day on

Good luck everyone!!

(sorry to be posting this after it started, just remembered about the contest Frown )

Oh, to enter with a different User ID, have to logout using the Logout link in purple section of pages. then go back to entry page and login with other ID.

Again, The "pick what's packed" method of entry is considered a seperate entry from the other two methods. Is a "bonus" entry. So by using #2 and #3 methods, get to enter twice per ID per day.
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the way it's worded is if you cant make the trip, you can elect to take a cash option.

well, there's always a good excuse for not being able to make a trip Wink

and for those of us going to live, this trip is for the latter part of live (for up to something like the 18th or 19th) and I cant make it to that, i have business obligations Wink

best of luck to you and the rest of auctiva folks!
I went to those ebay forums.... it was filled with heckling hens trying to find one blue kernal of corn throw in the vast ebay chicken coop. Discussing "What really IS blue... is corn always yellow?"...

I am SOOOO glad to be in a forum of SANE!!! fun!! Lady Hawks!!!!!... that know what their food is and go get it by diving in the ocean of sales!!!!

What was the name of the Rooster with the little chicken hawk in those bugs bunny cartoons?
The cartoons these days can't hold a candle against Looney Tunes.

Spin, Thrust, Perry. Remember that one? Daffy Duck on the remake of Robin Hood. Or Bugs Bunny and the opera's. Elmer Fudd doing what Elmer Fudd does. Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm hunting wabbits. <smile>

Good Ole Foghorn...bless his heart.

Isn't it nice to be at a forum where all the pecking is non-existent? <smile>

That, That, That's All Folks!

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