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Lately we've seen a few of the top powersellers biting the dust (the one that sold DVDs and wrote a 'how to get rich on ebay' book, one that was famous for low prices on shippping supplies, one that closed their very successful ebay store and moved to selling on their own website, etc). Well, another PS has bit the dust, but this time it's a case of being arrested!

With a 99.9% FB rating, and over 1200 FB, PS maltduck is now in jail on charges related to the burglary of at least 4 homes.

Police find stolen goods on eBay

A Floyd County woman is in jail on a $400,000 cash bond on charges related to the burglary of at least four homes, while a Bull Creek woman has been charged for allegedly peddling the merchandise on eBay.

The parking lot of the Prestonsburg Municipal Building holds four trailers of merchandise, which Prestonsburg Assistant Police Chief Bryan Hall said is estimated to be worth between $150,000 and $200,000, taken from Deborah Wallen's home on the Right Fork of Bull Creek Tuesday evening. The items ranged from coin collections to weapons, Hall said.

The eBay member information for maltduck shows the user had been a member for four years and 10 months; however, Little said Wallen told police she had been selling for a year. The eBay site showed she had received 1,219 comments concerning sales of items marked well below their worth...

Despite her arrest on Tuesday and the confiscation of her merchandise by the police she still has 93 auctions running.

Meanwhile, a seller has posted on the Stores Board on eBay forums that eBay had shut him down, in the interest of "community safety," requested he fax 34 pages of info to prove he has the goods he's selling and is who he says he is, in the interest of "community safety," and has told him it will take 3 days for T&S to move on this.
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