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For the next three weeks or so, we'll be watching hours of Tour de France coverage every day. We enjoy it, but I admit be kind of happy when it ends and we can watch something else Wink

I'm shocked by the shakeup before the start and am a little disappointed those great cyclists can't participate...guilty until proven innocent, I guess. If they are indeed guilty, then this is for the best.

I think George Hincapie is my favorite to win this year (so far).
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What's not to like? Men in biking shorts and shirts! <wink>

I don't watch it all that much, but will click in from time to time.

I definitely don't understand those guilty till innocent charges..doesn't sit well with me. But there's always something going on with that race and some kinda turmoil?

I miss that Lance isn't in it..seems odd to me. Ya'll feel that way, too?

Peace, Donna
I think it's more exciting without Lance. It's more of a race for the others Wink

And now with the two top contenders out, it's even more wide-open.

From what I've been reading, it doesn't look good for the guys that got taken out of the race. For instance, apparently Jan had signed something previously saying he'd never had contact with this dr, but what they've found shows he did. So even if he wasn't doping, he lied about seeng the dr. and that doesn't look good for him.

Team Discovery has a lot of great cyclists and now they have a chance to shine after working for Lance all these years. My favorite, George Hincapie, rode for Lance in all of his tour wins, and is finally in the yellow jersey himself for the first time ever.
We watched a game of the World Cup last week. My son reminded me that "Mom couch said we need to watch World Cup Soccer" and tell him about it next season"

He was glued to the TV and amazed to see how the game is really played. At his age they only use 3 kids per team and no goalie. Next season he moves up to the next group and is excited to have a bigger net and a real goalie Smile
Originally posted by starrynight:
P.S. Don't tell hubby, but for visual appeal I'd rather watch the World Cup Wink So many reasons to enjoy soccer Big Grin

Hopefully I'll get a lot of work done this week, as he watches the cycling coverage that I already watched live in the AM.

I had lunch out with a g/friend the other day at a local business called Beef O'Brady's. It's a family style wings, sports tv, etc. Love the wings there. And the World Cup was on. She is an avid fan as she used to play the adult league here in town and her husband has coached their son's team since the early years.

I on the other hand..I know where the goals are and what a soccer ball looks like. They do have ardent fans!!! <smile>

I did see that Argentina got into a bit of a broohaha. But that's bout all I got from it.

I'm a baseball and high school or college football fan. (SEC, ROLL TIDE) My girlfriend is just now getting into football so I'm the wise old woman in that sport. <smile>

Now lemme tell ya...there's alot to be said about a man on a tennis court, too or a man playing a round of golf. (cept that one golfer that's a beer bellied drunkard..John Daly. ugh)

I digress...what was the subject? <smile>

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