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I read on a eBay brd thread that was talking about other sites. 1 of the posters said to stay tune to auctiva soon Confused was that just someone talking out side of their mouth ? or is that true?

Stupid ??
If NOT true? Then HOW about it, Why not open a auction site here on auctiva? what would be the reasons not too?
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The thread is called, "Will Auctiva Ever Go Independant?"
Auctiva David writes,
We do plan on having stand-alone Auctiva Stores with shopping carts etc. for you to make off-eBay sales.

Unfortunately I don't have much more on this right now.. we're still ironing out the details, and I wouldn't want to say anything that would later turn out to be incorrect

And Auctiva David writes,
We are hoping to have some basic store functionality in our eBay Live release in June. Of course we also planned on having our inventory feature in November 2005 and you see how well that went. I would anticipate at least some fees with this. We're not going to let people dump a million pieces of lint, fuzz, or trash into our database as there is a pretty big cost associated with even storing an item that will never or rarely sell. At a minimum I'd say something like 1 penny per month per item would be enough to keep the stinky items out.

I just added a poll/survey in the Store section of the Forum to see what real interest exists in Auctiva having/hosting eCommerce Store services. I thought having a Community member do a poll might be an excellent way to see whether a business case exists with us / their customers.

Your participation in the survey is welcome.

Anyone can buy the software out of the box and start their own auction site...if memory serves the software is roughly three or four hundred dollars.

anyone who can figure it out can also use phpAuction for $0! just get yourself some web hosting ($10/month or less, at least to get started), learn the php stuff, and have at it! there are a gazillion little auction sites out there, most of which don't have any sales because they don't have any advertising budget. but if you think you can do it, more power to ya! :-)

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