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To be used on Ebay...but ebay's (for extra money of course).

This is what I heard on a forum today -

"It is also rumored that there will be no more using templates from anyone outside of Ebay. You will have to use an Ebay template and if you want it to look different you will have to use their templates & pay extra." Which in turn will mean that a person is going to be paying more money for adding more than one photo because in a template (or on Auctiva) you can add a bunch of photos and not pay for the extra photos through ebay.
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I've seen several examples of the tabbed format being tested by Ebay and if the seller was using a template it still showed up.

I saw one the other day where the seller was using a Vendio template and it still showed up intact.

The worst thing about the new format is the Related Items tab that shows items from your competition on your listing that is still active.
The worst thing about the new format is the Related Items tab that shows items from your competition on your listing that is still active.

So what's wrong with that? Why wouldn't you want to pay to list your item and have other people's stuff shown along with you? That seems like a great idea. Wink

Ebay's spin: YOUR items are also being shown on OTHER people's pages, so it all balances out.

Do I smell bullshit?


On a side note, I sure am glad I don't sell "commodity" items where this would be a concern. Much of the items I list there are at most only a few like it listed, and the seeker would have already seem them on the search results.

If I sold shoes, electronics, cell phone stuff, etc, I think this would suck.

However, I do not like, in general, tabbed pages. They are just extra clicks. Extra work.
The reason I don't like it is because your seller reputation will forever be tied to those that they see on "your page".

They see seller on your page who is offering to ship magazine by Media Mail for $2.00 .... then they expect you to do the same and wonder why you won't.

It is extremely confusing when viewing the Related Tabs items. When I looked at one example, if you hovered over the small photo it showed up in a larger version and said below that version to visit the seller's store ... only trouble was the item you were viewing didn't belong to the seller whose store they were asking you to visit.

I don't sell commodity items. I sell collectible horse magazines. While there are not many sellers in my category, there are a few that I would rather not be associated with or have my listings associated with.
With the new tabbed format that's coming out for eBay's unified look for every auction..everyone should take a look at your eBay.

As my PS rep stated the digital banning is just the beginning of one out of six changes that are coming before May.

You can see more discussion of this on my forum:

EBay Banned Digital Items 3-31-2008,7832.0.html

One of several eBay forum discussions going on .

I saw it as they were silently testing my eBay sales one day.

Plain format for your sales on eBay with tabs on top.

One tab for TOS
One tab for description
One tab for your My World stats

No links to other items available
No links to your eBay store
No multiple purchases

Nothing else whatsoever...this is just the beginning and if you're all smart you'll start looking around, buy your domain name as I've suggested for years, set up other shops. Join other seller forums.
Expand on multiple purchases.

Ok, think upon it this way..
If we're not allowed with the new tab listing that eBay is going to (And I've SEEN it with my own two eyes when eBay was on my site testing it one day)...

There is no way to let your customer see what else you're selling.

No way to link your store so customer's can see what else your selling.

And I was told in a phone conversation with ebay that this was just the first of six big changes coming, that I needed to hold on tight..cuz things were changing in a big way.

You have to actually see the auction to understand what I'm talking about.

A single page with tabs showing just your image/images and tabs on top for: basic information/My World Stats/Terms of Service/Shipping Info/Description.

Not necessarially in that order...but the tabs are there and I saw them not too long ago.

Should've grabbed a screen shot at the time.

Best of luck to all to us all and the rep did not allude to any of the changes forthcoming.

Originally posted by JeffS:
And what happens to those using third party listing and management programs like ePoster and eBud?

This shit could put companies like Auctiva out of business too. With what, 7 days notice too?

Digital Delivery folks got seven days, not Auctiva or any other third party service.

And I'm sure if the tabbed goes thru as it's being discussed...then Auctiva will survive and find another way to help sellers with their ebay auctions and hopefully their upcoming ecommerce businesses as we've all hoped for a long time.

Best of Luck,
I feel Auctiva is this close --><-- to dumping eBud and ePoster from things I've seen CEO Jeff say in the recent past. If a big format change comes, I would bet that Auctiva would not invest the resources to redesign the programs, essentially putting me off line. I have been using these programs for close to 10 years, and I'm quite set in my ways as to how I manage my listings. I don't look forward to having to start over. My ebud spreadsheet holds 8 years of auction sales data, names, addresses, prices, fees, you name it. I've also paid Auctiva at least $1500 over the years to use this software. All that would out the window.

As of NOW, none of the other auction sites are of any use to me. No traffic.

Maybe, just maybe, and I apologize for the language, eBay fucks enough sellers in the next two months things will change on competing sites, but I do not look forward to this.

I do not understand what this company is trying to accomplish. I'm glad I do not own their stock.
You can only imagine my language as of three days ago...yours JeffS pales in comparison.

I don't know..I actually don't know what the changes are coming and I have the highest of hopes that it does not harm anyone's livelihood or Auctiva.

I've not kept my eggs in one basket.

I will keep selling on eBay, just in the CD format and hope that it directs traffic to my domains where I will send items for free via email.

I own plenty of domains and working those up, connecting them to other sites.

You're right the other selling sites don't bring in the traffic eBay does...cept Amazon. Now if you could start selling on Amazon..they are doing really well.

I'd been planning on selling on Amazon and now is a fine time to start. I own the domain and have been meaning to put books up on Amazon. Instead of waiting for summer as I'd planned...what better time then after the 31st of March?

I'll peek in from time to time on this thread and will keep my fingers crossed that I'm the only affected.

Warm Regards,
This shit could put companies like Auctiva out of business too.

This could be why Auctiva is becoming more positive about their own e-commerce site recently

Hmmm, I wonder if it is all hands on deck at Auctiva to make it happen, hence the apparently unoccupied service request desk for days on end during the last month or so ?

I would expect them to have their 'contacts' within greedbay. Smile
Who wants to do all that clicking (shaking my head).

Please let this all be the biggest e-April Fool's joke ever, some buyers won't read listings properly as it is let alone on multiple tabs.

Just imagine, I bought your widget, did not know you had pictures etc, have a red because I am a plank confused by greedbay and you can't do anything about it, oh and by the way I have filed for a charge back as someone else must have bid for it, have a nice day.

Think I ought to buy a few more domain names, bought a pair recently before all this storm blew up.

Donna's thread link makes grim reading, thanks for the link Donna.
You're welcome.

Here's just one of the eBay forum discussions..even though it's bout DD items..there is alot of info that's being discussed...ALOT!

I happened to stumble upon my eBay auctions looking the "new and improved" eBay way and it really took me aback.

By the time I composed myself and really started clicking around my site, it was as if eBay had caught me and switched it back over to the way the auctions look currently.

I can only hope that I'm wrong..but if you start reading the forums over at eBay...I'm not the only one bringing this news to the forefront.

If anybody has any news, please let me know...I lurk in the background of Auctiva boards and miss info sometimes.

Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com
or visit one of my websites or my forum.

Best of Luck,

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