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We had a buyer contact us that he had bought an item and ebay would not let him send us a check, he could only pay through PayPal. I found out our store was in ebay express. Had no idea! I had nothing show in My ebay of a sold item. This may be frustrating!! Does anyone have store on express and will they only take PayPal? Should the sales record show in My ebay?? Thanks for any help with this!!
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Hi, The item #is 290180809938
He purchased the item out of our ebay store last night. I think he was upset because he did not want to pay with PayPal through ebay express... and I was shocked to find my store in ebay Express. My listing shows check as a payment option.

If we sell something through express it will show in My ebay as a sold item? Right?

I am in the process of re-doing my store front. I may use an Auctiva Store. I don't have lots of time to learn how to do things.

Thanks for your help, this just got confusing for me. you thought something "not right" was going on.
Hi vintagelady I checked your auction and it does not appear to me to be listed in eBay express?
I thought possibly the problem was a new user that bid on the item that was not familiar with eBay. But obviously the buyer having 419 feedbacks make them a seasoned user.
Very odd and I wish I could be more helpful to you. Have you contacted eBay about it?
If you find a acceptable answer please post it here and let us know about it.
Well....the listing DOES show a particular person with good FB winning the first thought was to say maybe they don't know enough to click on 'other' in payment section to send a check, but they've been around ebay long enough to know that Confused Did you get the email from the same buyer? It's hardly an item (or price for that matter) that a scammer would go after but Express or not, I would STILL think it should show in your sold items. Keep in mind, I know nothing about ebay express...

I hate to say this, but if it were me I would contact 'live help'. Depending on the person you get, sometimes they're a LITTLE helpful Smile

Or just look here to find out about Ebay Express (tho I still dont like the fact it doesn't show as 'sold'):

Pay particular attn to the 'transaction and payment' says your payment preferences will remain the same....
I think I found the problem. He bought the item from ebay express and when it came up that he could only pay with PayPal he probably did not finish the transaction and sent me a message wanting our address. I did not give it to him... but told him I did not show the item as sold and he should go to our store and purchase the bulbs from there. Which he did. It is showing sold now but I think starting the "buy" in express messed something up.

I was just thrown off I said I had no idea our store was in ebay express! You would think ebay would have told me our store was in express listings.

Thanks for the link that is a big help. I guess now that my store is there I should know a little about it!! I have never looked at express until last night!

Thanks again
Hi Vintagelady,

I've just been added to eBay express. I've been waiting to get 100 feedback so that I could, but eBay didn't notify me once I was added either, which they with any new add, at least with a letter of info about it. So I'm also having to do my own research.

So just as an FYI, although you may find it a great extension of your store and another good way for customers to find your product, I do know so far that you can take yourself out of eBay Express if you'd like. The option's in your eBay Preferences under "Selling Preferences" where you'll also find a link to "Learn more..."

Hope this helps!


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