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Thanks for the update Jeff! Please keep us informed as to the problem and timeframe! The site has been working perfectly today up until about 10 minutes ago, I would hate to see everybodys hard work go to waste if they (and I) can't post today! I'll keep checking the boards waiting for an update, in the meantime it's off to take some more pictures!

It looks like the minutes are turning into hours.

Jeff ... (Someone must have programmed that message to come up automatically and now it's coming up at the wrong time.)

It would seem to me to find that "someone" and ask them why that particular message and if you get some kind of dumb 'I don't know' then that someone should be put into a different department because he isn't a programmer.
Hi Community.

Our engineering department has reported that this issue has been resolved, so you should all be able resume your listing frenzy to take full advantage of eBay's 20 cent listing day. Everyone's patience and encouraging words in light of this situation have been greatly appreciated. Thank you for understanding.

Yeah, definitely took longer than a few minutes, which we're not happy about. Looking into that now.

Websites should be back online now.

If you did a "post now" from the listing page and your item has not posted in over 20 minutes, your item will need to be reposted. Please double check with eBay to determine if your items have posted or not before doing this.

I disagree. I distinctly remember trying to list during the last few eBay specials and there were definitely problems! Auctiva obviously cannot handle the extra traffic, even though we were told that the huge migration to bigger computers last Spring would solve these type of problems.

Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
Actually the past 3 were fine.
Here are threads where people congratulated us on the smooth and fast listing for those days.

There was also a UK listing special day that was fast all day too. Most people here are US listers but we listed 2x as many listings as normal that day without anyone from either site saying anything was slow.

Today would make 4 sales in a row.

We listed 3x as many listings today as a normal Tuesday and the site ran as fast as a normal listing day.
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