I have severl different categories that I use. And I have 100s of listins in each catergory. Ebay has now changed most of the catergories I use, therefore I must go into each individual listing and chance the catergory.
I asked Auctiva if they will be offering a Find & Replace to be able to quickly change the categories on several listings, and no they are not.
Here's where I'm a tad irritated is they ALREADY have that feature for Ebay Stores. That makes me believe it isn't a difficult request.
I'm sure there a people using Autiva who has several listing in the same category, I can't be the only one.
Please if this has affected you please write a reply. I am sick of Auctiva telling me that I being one person is not important enough to upgrade feature.
I put in a support ticket a few months back about my inventory amounts changing on their own, and they basically told me, I'm the only one with a problem so they are not going to look any further.

Someone PLEASE HELP I have over 1000 listings I must open, scroll down, change category, scroll down, save (and the site runs slow so that's about 3 minutes per listing. That's 3000 minutes or 50 hours of added work in addition to the 10-12 hrs I already put in a day.
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Sorry we don't support category changes in our bulk edit for live listings yet.

It is more complicated than you think. One deterrent to us implementing it is that changes in category will cause your 'recent sales' number will reset your 'recent sales score' back to zero, thus lowering your position in search. That is a pretty heavy side effect for some people. Also, there are several things such as item condition settings that are tied to category...so depending on the category you change, the item condition can be thrown out of whack.

You can also revise live listings on My eBay. Here is the link to read about how to do that. Link to eBay Bulk Edit Help

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