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I know how frustrating this can be as it happens more than it should. Not this specific problem mind you, but numerous bugs that need to be addressed. It just is not dependable without a backup. I write and save everything in Microsoft Word when I use Auctiva, but I simply do not trust them with my info anymore.

Unfortunately, as obstinate as I am, I continue to keep giving Auctiva a chance to prove themselves and they have yet to come through.

This service may cost nothing, but it has cost me dearly in terms of time. It always takes me 2-3 times as long to list an item with this service than with Turbo Lister because of error messages, freeze ups, and traffic jams. Since nothing is auto saved all information is lost.

I really do like Auctiva's concept and their intentions, and keep pulling for them. Then comes a time when I loose all my information and...well we won't even go there..

Dang Firehawk!

I think if I were having all that trouble, I would be running like a cat with it's tail on fire! Get smart, and get OUT while you can! After all, it's about money, and time is money, and it would seem that you are losing too much of it due to how unreliable this system is. Where else but on Firbo Lister can you get a second photo included in your auction for ONLY $0.35? Can't beat that deal with a can ya?

Fortunately for me, I have found that Auctiva leaves Turbo sucking air....

Beside's all the features I have available to me here, that turbo blister wants to charge for, I think it's plain goofy to NOT use Auctiva. In fact, I haven't even thought of Blurbo Lister since I found Auctiva...haven't looked back once, that is until I read your post and the tragic experiences you are having.

But that's me...maybe turbo sheister is the route for you to go. If this place is burnin' ya, then take the clue from the cat and run!!! Wink

LOL....I enjoy a good grin in the middle of the night Big Grin
I used to have alot of probs w/ listing on Autiva, but really there listing tools and templates are what keeps me here.

The problems Im having are w/ thier checkout system. Its just terrible to have buyers who cant pay because the checkout is down or malfunctioning again, like for days sometimes. see my thread in Checkout section.


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