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Does anyone remember these? I remember them, but I cant remember how you got them. These used to be a hot item on ebay. I couldnt find any on there so I decided to throw them on and see what happens. Check em out!

By the way, if anyone from Team auctiva looks at this..why didnt this template pick up the matching store window. No biggie just thought I would let you know it didnt.
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dont remember ever seeing those, but reminds me of the old grape jelly glasses that had cartoon characters and such on them Smile

Reminds me, have some old pepsi / warner bros. cartoon glasses from the mid-70s (edit - looked it up on ebay was 1973) around here somewhere. Full sized glasses that we got at the local Coney Island diner. Had Cool Cat, Tasmanian Devil, Bugs, Elmer, Porky Pig, and a few others. Dunno which ones survived. Might have to check and see. Last I looked on ebay (a few years back) were selling for $7 each.

I did some looking around the net and couldnt find your cups anywhere, which might be a good thing, might mean high demand w/ low supply Smile

best of luck!
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Im just trying to remember if they were a restuarant premium or if you got them from buying wyler's drink mix or what...if they were a premium..I can list them differently and get more lookers...people luv's them premiums.

I have some old hip pocket records that you used to get when you filled up with gas at the gas station from back in the 50s...Im not letting them go cheap though because they are hard to come by...When they get hot..mine will be for sale.

By the way if you dont know what a hip pocket record was a little 4 inch flimsy 45 looks just like a miniature 45 some of them are quite valuable depending on who was on them.

I just went and looked on ebay and no one has any as old as mine..theirs are all later versions. According to one guys auction they were made in the mid 60s to late 60s...but there is another one on there right now from 1962...Im not sure this guy knows what he is saying..because the ones I have dont have printed lettering or jackets..they are sealed in celophane and are press printed and look to be somewhat older than the ones I see on ebay.
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