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As if we need any more roadblocks getting our customers who have AOL as their email carrier our legitemate emails.

When I have a customer that states they haven't heard from me...all I have to do is look at the email carrier. Nine times out of 10? My customer is an AOL subscriber and my mail is sitting in their junk/spam folder or AOL has decided that my email that was requested by their customer is to be deleted.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

As much as some may hate the eBay messaging system between buyer and seller....I don't. I applaud it.
Once eBay implemented the messaging system..I could FINALLY get in touch with my AOL customers. (never had much of a problem with yahoo to be honest)

Now they're upping the stakes and let's hope that most AOL customers will designate eBay emails/messaging to be placed in their inboxes.

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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Yeah, AOL causes a lot of grief.

I agree, too, that the messaging system in eBay is a good idea -- because of e-mail spam filters, if nothing else. I actually prefer using e-mail but I would hope that people (especially anyone waiting to finish a transaction) are checking their eBay inboxes for messages.

And yet, the subscribers blindly follow and will still argue that they receive every single piece of email. That the problem is on YOUR end not theirs. GRRRRRRRRR!

Ranting is done!

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