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HI, Ive been seeling things with Auctiva for a while now and have just received this error when posting.
API error message (Either your Description, Location, or Checkout Instructions appear to have Java script in it according to eBay. eBay is very strict about anything that looks like it may be Java script. Try checking your description for parenthesis and try posting without them if they do exist.)
Now i have posted the html on the practive board here.
I'm not that great with html but can anyone see what is causing this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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okay, Second practice board isn't usable on ebay. get rid of the iframe, and the html link. Also, get rid of the iframe on the first practice board html.

Use what is on your first practice board link, example:
Digital zoom
700 x

Optical sensor size
1/6 in

Optical sensor type

Analog video format

PLACE the words inside your description field on Auctiva as a bulleted list.

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