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i keep getting this message:
The value for "Return shipping will be paid by" is invalid for the given value you have specified or the default value for "Returns Accepted" due to dependency.

i have not changed anything with my return policy. why do i keep getting this message. I have not had any problems with this before.
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Hello! What are your return policy settings right now? I just posted a listing with a return policy and it went through ok--ever since eBay decided to make every listing specify a return policy, auctiva has to make changes to try and keep up with it.

I chose "Returns Accepted" and item must be returned within 7 days; refund will be given as Money Back ; and the return shipping will be paid by the Buyer.

If you've double-checked your settings and are still getting the api error message, definitely file a support ticket...good luck!
OK kdempsey. It worked. Really a PITA but I just checked returns accepted, 3 days, merchandise credit and the item posted to Ebay. Then I immediately went into Ebay and clicked off the option to accept returns. I have a no return policy so until they make that option available, I guess we are one of the unlucky ones who can't post. I opened a support ticket this morning, but I guess with all the UK issues, they have a lot on their plate.

What I don't understand is that I am the only one in our office that this is happening to. All our other sites are fine. Mel
I've had my return policy set up just fine in Auctiva all this time but I keep getting those stupid API errors every morning, after items launch to eBay auctions. This morning I had 9.

So I just now go to check my return policy. It was FINE but I added a couple " quotation marks and got a red error message "Return Policy is limited to 500 characters."

OK!! so I took them out and put it back to square one, but no matter what I do, it still tells me Return Policy is limited to 500 characters!!

I'm even taking out spaces, etc. and it's SHORTER than it was before, when it was fine! Now it's shorter and it's problematic.

I've been online for over an hour this morning and haven't gotten a damn thing done, except read these Auctiva boards about counters, API errors, return policies, etc. and STILL -- I haven't gotten ANY PROGRESS - what a waste of time

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