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I am getting this error message when trying to list an auction:

The token has been invalidated, the user must complete the Auth & Auth sign in process again.

I am signed in like I always do and have NO idea what's going on. I've done this a thousand times and from what I see, I've done nothing wrong on my end. What's going on???

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Keep getting the following error when I try to list to ebay:

API Error

Either your Description, Location, or Checkout Instructions appear to have Java script in it according to eBay. eBay is very strict about anything that looks like it may be Java script. Try checking your description for parenthesis and try posting without them if they do exist!

Not using java??
Mike, I just want to say a Big, Big thankyou to you, I filed a support request and within minutes my support request was being actioned,my listing now appears on ebay,Not moaning, but now another problem, I used one of Auctivas templates,and it appears on ebay, without any pictures Ahhh!!, never mind, at least my item is listed...

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