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I have tried over a week now to list two items and keep getting API error stating that I have MONEY ORDER in my listing. I had in my eBay checkout, "I DO NOT ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS". I have now removed this in my ebay checkout profile and tried listing it again and it still is showing me the same api error message. I have spoken to ebay and of course they state it is Auctiva's problem so hence I am here on the community forum looking for HELP!

Is there someplace else I need to be going to beside my checkout profile to make a change? Or is this a bug in the Auctiva software?

Thanks for any help,
Debra Lee
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Hi Debra Lee,

As Danno mentioned, if eBay finds any words that refer to paper-payments (such as money orders) they will reject the listing--even by saying "I do not accept money orders" will usually get flagged by eBay. I just pulled up one of your listings and in the Payment section of the description it still says "No International Money Orders" which would explain why that one was rejected.

Once you have revised your Seller Details profiles that you used for that listing, it should post to eBay.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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