I also keep getting an API error when trying to upload my listings, which states;

The Postage Service you provided (id 14 name 'Other (see description) inside <International Shipping Service Options> Container is not international.

Any help would be appreciated.
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It's started happening since the maintenance last night/this morning. Copying a listing (which I successfully completed last night) now brings up the same API error. They've screwed about with something.

Ah well, I'm selling very little abroad now anyway, due in part to limited visibility and probably the recession too. I'll just list to the UK and try periodically to make an item available to these darn furreners every week or so.

I suppose it might mean I get less 'losses' on the few Italian sales I make.

Simply remove all the International Shipping options then post the listing. You can then go in via eBay and add the International Shipping back again. Tedious I know, but at least it works. I assume Auctiva will let us know when they've sorted it...??? Confused
Go into your saved listings & edit your listing by removing the International Shipping rates, then go into eBay & revise each item to put the shipping rates back on!!. Great, another 25 items to fix due to another of Auctiva's cock-ups!! Don't they bother to check programs 1st to see if they run OK before they unleash them on us! Oh! I forgot, we shouldn't grumble as it is FREE! I'm off to the pub instead!!

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