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I am getting an API warning that says "We will soon be removing the shipping insurance option."
So how is everyone adapting to this?
I offer optional insurance to my customers. Do I have to make it mandatory for all now? What about purchasing insurance through Auctiva just for customers that want it. How do we bill them or add it to their invoice now?
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I have been listening to the Radio Broadcast (from yesterday) on the insurance topic.

I don't belive you will be able to separately invoice any ebay buyer for insurance as it clearly indicates no 'separate charges' for insurance for ebay listed items.

As has been mentioned, it can be added to the shipping cost or handling fee.

Once again, the insurance is for the seller, not the buyer. Therefore, ebay wants no buyer to pay any extra charges for insurance. Listening to the broadcast was very informative but the live phone calls were even more enlightening. As we all know, ebay's firm philosopy is that it is the seller's responsibility to get the item to the buyer in the described matter what. So, I guess ebay thinks we have control over the USPS or other carriers as well.

Bottom line is...nothing else matters except you can't charge the buyer and you have to hope the item gets there short of delivering it. In reality, this is nothing different than what ebay has always said.

Oh the changes...

I have been checking out Shipinsurance this morning as they have several different options. Flat Rate Plan (to insure all), Open Certificate (to insurance what you decide) and some type of one item only option. Excellent prices so far as I can see at this point.

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