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Is there a way to pre-define my flat shipping rule with Auctiva before posting?

Right now, I have to manually revise every single listing after posting, to click on and include a flat shipping rule with a specific name.

I am not referring to the shipping profiles created in Auctiva. What I mean are the flat shipping rules I created on eBay.

Not being able to append these rules on Auctiva is a pain (having to revise every listing manually) and, if someone bids on the auction (or buys one item on BIN and Store)before I can revise, I can no longer append a flat shipping rule which, in turn, screws up the automated checkout.

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Hi Bernie,

Yes - you can indicate the combined shipping rules you would like to apply to your listings when creating items through Auctiva. The first thing you will need to do toward accomplishing this is update your combined shipping rules within Auctiva, which can be done by clicking the "Ebay Settings" link under the "My Account" tab within your account, and then clicking the "Update Combined Shipping Discounts From eBay" button on the ensuing page.

Once you have done so, in order to apply one of your combined shipping discounts to a listing you are creating through Auctiva, you just need to check the box next to "Apply my eBay combined shipping rule" under your domestic and/or international shipping services.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page of our site:


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