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The USPS is making some changes to its Express Mail and Priority Mail services on July 28th,.....

Are we going to be ready for this change or are we going to be the usual 6 months behind and have issues with our shipping when doing listings again?????

We need to know now and not after the fact.
Is it possible that we can avoid some of the problems that usually occur when updates are not made in a timely manner????
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Hi trinkets,

Thanks for checking to make sure we are aware of these changes. We are indeed aware of the upcoming USPS changes described in the article you provided and are prepared to update our system to support them according to schedule.

We will update our lister page to reflect the new names for Priority Mail Express and Express Mail International once eBay updates their system to utilize those new names, and we will also look into updating our shipping label service to reflect the new names as soon as we are able.

As mentioned in the aforementioned article, shippers will still be able to use the Express Mail and Express Mail International names and associated packaging until January 2014, so shipping labels for these services should still be accepted after July 28, 2013.

If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab on our site and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


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