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Yes you can.
You will need to select a 'Template'.
In that process you will be offered


in that box there are three items;

Images: [number you have loaded this listing]

Grouping: [this is where you will change them
from a single row.]

Alignment: [ this is where on the page your
pics will be placed.]

Have a look at what you've done and lastly
'Save Templateto Listing'
Ok, I see now where to set it. Never noticed it before.

In my listing, I selected my custom template. I clicked "modify layout" and it gave me several options for alignment and grouping. I chose a "paired" grouping, and in the template selection window it regrouped them into pairs as I'd like. I clicked "Save Template to Listing" and the "Group:" setting in my listing changed to "Paired" All is well so far.

I saved the changes to my listing, then clicked to preview it, however it still shows them in 1 vertical line in the preview. I go back and click on the "modify layout" link, and there is shows them paired as I'd expect, but not in the overall preview offered at the bottom of the listing. Anyone else have problems with that?
No, I've never had a problem like this Confused The only prblem I sometimes have is when certain templates won't support a paired grouping. You'd have to scroll side to side but it would still show in the preview...It sounds like you're doing everything right. Maybe try saving it first (as paired) and then look at it and see if it came out right. You can always change it again if necessary.

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