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Hi Sam.
Are you sure it's been hijacked or are you just receiving lots of spoof emails?

Report the spoofs to or

You need to contact LiveHelp immediately. They can tell you whether your account is secure or has indeed been hijacked.

I'm sure you know, but never, ever click on any of the links in those emails. Good luck!
Hi Sam, if your account has been hijacked, I doubt you will be able to access it - the first thing a hijacker is likely to do is change your password, and then start changing other details like email addresses, etc. You would have got an email saying you had changed your password if that had happened. If it has not been changed, you are probably OK, but if you are uncomfortable, go and change it yourself now.
Just because you've recieved spoof emails does not mean your account has been hijacked. We all get them. I don't even send them to Ebay anymore, I doubt they do anything about them.
The ones that appear in my ISP I mark as spam.

Are there any listings on your account that aren't yours?? If there are, pls post back and let us know.

Shadeaux is right tho, go to Ebay Live Help to double check for sure.
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Thanks for the replies but it was Hijacked, access password was changed and my ebay account was used to send out alot of emails to people. Ebay reassures me that the matter has been rectified and all recipients of these emails have been informed to ignore them, I wish they told them the truth that I hadnt sent them but someone else had.

I have now been given access back all passwords obviously reset and changed. Paypal and email addresses unaffected fortunately and all passwords have since been changed. I had realised a possible way in which they could have gained access because Ebay give out 4 qs to verify security and you answer 2 or more, well a little searching had given away two very easy to answer questions. So A warning to folks out there who advertise phone numbers, post codes, birthdays favourite pets places people etc that you keep your ebay account details seperate and unused in any other forum, auction tool site or blogs.

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