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For about the past week now I have been unable to use eBay's "mail system" because I get network errors (timeout). I get this whenever I:

- Click the link on a listing "Ask Seller a Question"

-Get a email from a buyer and I click the link in the email that says "Respond Now" (I can respond directly no problem).

Is anyone else seeing these problems with eBay's mail system. It really is a waste of time to try to contact them and ask if there is a problem.

This has been going on for about 5 days. I use Mozilla or Firefox as my browser. I'm telling myself that eBay is not STUPID ENOUGH to have made a change that makes this work with IE only. So I'm looking for Mozilla or Firefox users as well as IE users to see if there is a pattern here. I do occasionally have to use their stupid email system.
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Hey Jeff

I've been out and about today with life. I'm just now signing into my emails and such.

I'm finding that contact member is slow..but it does come up. I'm running Windows XP, Mozilla and have fast cable access. I very rarely mess with my DNS servers <shrug>

Every other site is running up to snuff right now, perhaps eBay had gas this past week.

Glad to see it's working for you. it's a busy time of the year and I'm sorry if I overlooked your posting.

As I said, I solved it. The problem was most certainly on my end. What I said was I was surprised the message sat for 6 days with plenty of people looking at it (as shown on the counter) and not one person bothered to respond even to say that the functions were working for them.

I find that odd.

Seems these forums are mostly dominated by cribble-crabble about nonsense anyway, so maybe it isn't so odd.

On the other hand, I can critisize eBay too. They didn't even bother to answer the email I sent them, even though it would have just been a canned letter telling me to "clear my cookies".

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