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Hey everyone! I have a question. I am going back and forth between opening an eBay store or just having fixed listings. At what volume point do you make the leap to the store?? Do any of you have great succes with fixed price listings that only run for a week at a time? Thanks in advance!! Marcia
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Hi Marcia,
I have a store because I sell a lot of different types of items. Also, I have quite a few items that don't have high turnover. Keeping them all in live auctions would be expensive in the long run. I also sell a lot of cheap items. I did the math and found that I would end up paying less in fees if they were listed through a store than through auctions.

It's really something that depends on what you sell, how much you sell, and how expensive it is.

There are some items which I always keep in auction format so they get the exposure. There are also some items which I always keep in my store because there is essentially no competition... when someone searches for them, they will show up.

I really like the perks of a store, too. The sales reports, the traffic reports, the email marketing, and Selling Manager are all beneficial to my business.

Can you still open a store with a free trial month? If so, give it a shot. It's easy to set up, and you will know at the end of the month if it is worth your money.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for the insight! I have started selling new children's clothing, mainly Ralph Lauren, and while some things are hot right now, other types of garments still sell but not for as much in an auction format. I wanted to still offer the items but need to recoup the costs and make a little too. =)

They are still offering the 30 day free trial so maybe I should try it. Can you still use Auctiva's templates and site to upload store offerings?

Again, thanks for the input!
I think a store would be a plus for children's items. it's a nice place to "park" the off season items. You still need to run auctions to draw the customers in.

Try offering a shipping discount for buying more then 1 item and make this known in your auctions. This will encourage people to go to your store and look for additional items.

The ebay Stores Board is also a very friendly and helpful place to visit Wink
Somebody cough up their store referal link and when she's ready to sign up for the store...voila! Bonus time!

I don't have my referral link handy. Dadgummit!

Too tired to find it, too!

Yeah, I agree with everything cake and WAHM said! There's a huge plus to having stores! Mine more than pays for itself..lotsa times over and on more than one ID, too.

Originally posted by marciay96:
They are still offering the 30 day free trial so maybe I should try it. Can you still use Auctiva's templates and site to upload store offerings?

You should definitely try it!

And yes, you can use the Auctiva templates. Listing something in your store is exactly the same as what you are currently doing. Right now, you have the option to list an item as an auction or fixed-price... when you get a store, you will also have the option to list the item as store inventory. The rest is exactly the same. Oh, and the time range is different for store items, but that is a minor detail.
defintly open a store if you sell numerous items. store listings can run good until cancelled for 3 cents a month. but hot items you should list for the 7 day fixed price. other items you can let go cheap, put on auction. you only need a few items on the more expensive listings, they will bring interested buyers to your store for the in store listings. always use the gallery photo for your listing the cost is worth it. happy selling Big Grin
Okay I have another questions about stores...what do you do if you go on vacation? Do you have to cancel everything or can it be put on hold or something? I have not opened up my store yet as I remembered that we are going away in a couple of weeks for 6 days and now I don't know if I should wait (I really want to get on this now though). Any thoughts are much appreciated! Marcia
I guess I should explain a little better. When you want to shut down for a few days, there is a vacation setting where you can leave a message telling customers when you left and when you will be back. None of your listing will be cancelled they are put on hold until the date you specify. Open your store and get selling!

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