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Hello Community,

The Apple iPhone is a hot new technology that turns a cell phone into a compact but fully functional mobile computer. We have developed an exciting new mobile listing application specifically for iPhone users.

With this new mobile iPhone tool, you can use to create eBay listings when you are away from your home or office and upload them to your Auctiva account via the internet.

While we aren’t quite ready to do a general release of our new Auctiva listing application for iPhone, we have completed it to the point that we are looking for Auctiva users who have an iPhone and who would like to Beta test this new application for us.

What does it mean to be a Beta tester? get to try out this new and very fun to use application totally free and with no obligation, and then give us feedback about what you thought of it.

So, are you ready to be a be a beta tester? Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Have (or have the use of) an Apple iPhone

2. Locate your iPhone’s ‘device ID’. Here’s how you do that.

- Connect iPhone to computer and start iTunes.

- Click on your iPhone's name in the Devices list on the left-hand side of iTunes.

- Make sure the "Summary" tab is selected (it should be selected by default)

- You should see a section listing the iPhone's Name, Capacity, Software Version, and Serial - Number. Click the Serial Number and it should change to the Identifier (UDID).

- In the iTunes menu at the top of the screen click ‘Edit’, then click ‘Copy’…

Got all that? Good. Now send us an email to with iPhone App Beta in the subject line and send us:

- Your email address
- Auctiva user name
- Paste in your iPhone’s Device ID (you should have gotten that when you clicked ‘copy in the step preceding.

We will record this information in our records and will send you back an email with links to 2 files you will need, along with detailed instructions about how you will use these files to obtain and install the Auctiva iPhone Lister Application on your iPhone as well as how to report feedback from your experience.

Thanks and Happy Beta Testing,
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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Originally posted by AZTECK:
I's interested & would like to be a beta tester for ihpone apps, add me to your list if you still need testers.

Thank you,
Azteck, if you haven't already, please see the instructions in my post above as to how to become a beta tester. You need the information about your iPhone available to email us to the address specified in order to sign up.
Originally posted by golfnrg:
I am very interested in helping you with your testing. Not only am I very tech savvy but I'm very clear and concise with my critiques. It's effective communication that allows us to grow further and beyond. Please let me know what I can do to get started... Thanks!
golnrg, please see my post above of June gives detailed directions for those who wish to participate.

Thanks for your interest.

Thanks for your interest in the iPhone app. I just spoke with our guy who is responding to the beta tester emails we have received. He says we have had a *really* good much so that he is still in process of answering all the emails we received.

He is going to respond to everyone who emailed us information; you should be hearing back from him pretty soon.

Again thanks for your interest.
Thank you for volunteering to help us test our new iPhone App.

Unfortunately, Apple limits the number of users we can have test the App, and we've already cut off the beta test.

However, we'll keep your information handy, in case we do another round of testing.

Thank you again for your interest. And take care,

The Auctiva Team
Sr. Product Manager,

How about an app for blackberry.
Please tell me it's in the works.
Been trying to use auctiva with opera mini5 browser and it's a bust every time.
If you have other suggestions on a browser I can use to upload pics and build listings with BB storm please pass them along.
Glad to see some sort of phone app for auctiva but I cant get Iphone service in Montana
Larry @ curbtrader3
Sorry to disappoint here, but at the moment there are no plans for a Blackberry app.

Regarding the iPhone app, beta testing is complete. We are currently in process with Apple to get our iPhone app up and available on their iTunes Apps store, and it should be available with in the next few weeks. (It will be free.)

By the way, our iPhone app will also work on the iPad too. All iPads can connect to in-home or in-office wireless networks running 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n. If if you buy the right model, the iPad can also work with a 3G wireless data plan from AT&T. As a new owner of an iPad myself, I can tell you I really like it and the apps that are available for it.

Regarding Opera, very few Auctiva users use it. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome are the most commonly used browsers with Auctiva.

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