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I started using Auctiva a few days ago with the Firefox browser and have discovered, much to my chagrin, that choosing some of the templates means having your written description dissappear. I have eight active auctions with no description. I switched to IE when I first noticed the problem just to use Auctiva but it gave me trouble in choosing images and choosing a template--it just stuck and showed blank. I am now wondering if I am going to have to find yet another auction host.
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Tom...just a suggestion....
I'd be careful using that reply.
Just because you can't recreate the problem, doesn't mean you can't fix it. I know you didn't exactly say that...but you certainly give that impression.

PC's are almost living, breating beasts. You're always going to run into customer problems you can't reproduce.

I call Microsoft every now and then, with a problem they've never seen before. But, they step though it with me, to the point that I recreate it for them on my machine, and then they break it down, and solve it. They start by having me do the Safe Mode thing, and then having me get them all kinds of "running program dumps", and even have me restart in some kind of mode where Windows asks me before it starts each service, if it's ok.

My point is, giving a hands off impression just because you can't recreate it, really ticks off customers.

Personally, I used to do tech support for 3Com. It was a real bit** to try and fix problems that I couldn't recreate...but that's one of the trials of being in tech support.

Now then....we both know you and I have been working on a huge issue, that you can't recreate. And, you've been working on it each, and every day, and I thank you very much. You certainly haven't "put me out to pasture", and you're continuing to work on it. I thank you very much.

The purpose of this msg was to simply offer a suggestion on your "reply posture".

If you feel I'm full of bologna, then ignore me, and go have a pizza.


p.s. By the way Jean, Tom is working on a fix for a problem I'm having with Auctiva...and from what I'm reading about your issue, Tom's fix may indeed fix your issue too.

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