I am just back from 3 months off ebay and auctiva. Wouldn't you know, my very first listing would have a complicated discription, I finished it and went to save remembering how many times I had to re type everything. Dang if you so and so's did not log me out before I could save. I am SO tired of crap like this, I sure I am not alone in saying make it work and we will pay for it.
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Dang if you so and so's did not log me out before I could save. I am SO tired of crap like this, I sure I am not alone in saying make it work and we will pay for it.

I wish had a £1 for everytime someone groans about losing all thier work, virtually daily I seem to have to say you CANNOT expect the internet to be glitch free, I use it for hours a week and do not lose anything and connecting from the UK too, and do you know why, well I will tell you.

I create all descriptions off line, use the seller detail, profiles and templates to improve production efficiency, ensure conformity of style and above all to stop losing hours of work.

I hear the same silliness from people who type a long letter into an online mail tool like on Hotmail and lose all in a blink.

You are getting these excellent tools free and for once they are a tool that work well unlike most freebies, other revenues pay for these tools.

Just because you pay for something does not mean it is bug free either, and working online there are probably dozens of black boxes of electronic gubbins and software between you and Auctiva any one can hiccup and poof, blank screen, get the message Roll Eyes
HI Taz, good suggestion but when I read every word on the home tab I see no tab for staying logged in. I will look again
And cho cho, I have done as you suggest and still get booted off before I can save I keep cache clean and use Firefox. It has happened nearly every time I use actuva
i know it ain't polite to chuckle too loudly!.. but what the hey..CHUCKLE ! ~ Really tho...its only cuz I took a ride on that that fun little merry-go-round a couple times myself! [duhh..?!] ~ Don't take any offense migrant! ...its just good to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Try it! You'll like it! And trust me it'll be good fer ya'! Wink
no tab for staying logged in

Just logged out to check this as I rarely need to login. Wink

When you login you are asked for your username and password and under where you type the password is a check box marked 'Remember Me', check that before selecting Login.

When you do this a cookie is probably placed on your PC's disc to enable you to be 'remembered', if you clear your cache of everything then it will probably have the effect of forgetting you straight away.

Now with that in mind if on your PC you have a cookie smasher tool running it will delete it as soon as it is created and may be the cause of you being 'kicked', i.e. the defensive software on your PC is being overzealous. I think you need to check if you have such a piece of s/w running on your PC either as it's own program or part of a larger suite of tools.

If so reduce it's aggressiveness or find if it has a setting to protect or label some cookies as friendly. Smile

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