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Hi all,

Just wondering under what circumstances "Auction Closed Text' gets displayed in the store window?

Is it something that gets displayed across the whole window instead of any items, or is it just displayed when a scrolling item that has ended is highlighted? Why would the window still be displaying an ended item?!

Surely the gallery will continue to scroll and promote my other items even when the main listing has ended?

I don't understand. Confused
Original Post
Thanks Kc, but I still don't really understand.

Are you saying that ended items can still be displayed in the scrolling gallery for a short while?

If so, where is the 'Auction Closed Text' displayed? In blue directly underneath the picture? Or in the info bar underneath the scrolling window (in place of the "time left" etc)?

My turnover is fairly slow so I haven't seen it happen but I'd like to know how it works.

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