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Our very own Iron Chick (Auctiva Member) from this board has an auction to send Bill a Clue.

Tee Hee,
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Danielle..I have one of these, well several.

Plus the eBay calculator and that other crappolla they sent me.

Hmmm...there's possessed corn on the cob image auctions going, too. That Bill "Cobb" he's everywhere. <smile>

I searched some more terms with fee hike..oh my the possibilities are endless.

Where's some of our store sellers to get in on this?

OMG..Look at this Vampire Bill and MEG fee hike auction

I didn't realize that some Asian market's pay no fees whatsoever. Now that sound's like leveling the playing field! What gives? In essence, we are paying those fees for them.

I've made a few purchases from these markets and beside the extradorinary shipping time, the product's were, like one commentor to the article said, cheap knock-off's.

One thing the author (Rob?) eluded too, that I agree with, is that ebay can do as they want, and as customer's of ebay, we can choose to do the same.

I'm happy that people took the time to respond to the article. The responce was better than the article and served to give a good picture.

Thanks pepedog for posting the link!
I read all these posts and the newsweek one with all the emails to it about the meg interview.

    "Too many eBay vendors list overpriced dreary sucky stuff in their stores -- the lure for buyers visiting the site is the opportunity to buy an item that's unique, special + important to them. Buying it at auction increases the excitement. Actually eBay has got it right this time."

I didn't know my ebay store was full of sucky stuff. I just sold a vintage seiko divers stainless steel watch out of my store. I also sold a vintage slr 35mm Minolta camera with 50mm lens and bag out of there. I have a golfers dream greens lawnwower in there also at the moment. No sucky stuff tho that I'ma ware of. I really don't think ebay does have it right this time either..........*****************
I didn't realize that some Asian market's pay no fees whatsoever. Now that sound's like leveling the playing field! What gives? In essence, we are paying those fees for them.

My understanding (I think it's China that has no fees) is that eBay's trying to top their pre-existing competition over there. I'm sure once they become the most popular they'll implement a fee structure.
Originally posted by wayoutwest:
One of ebay's top sellers, beavinsons, who's also a PESA member, has created a protest auction too. Smile

Item # 120014074576 - ADVERTISE ON BEAVIS as I go public to the press!!!!

eBay expected some of us to get upset, but I think they underestimated just how many would be upset and just how upset we'd get.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the link..I can't believe how high it's gotten to in price.

I think you should check the auctions on WP, Yahoo and Overstock in regards to the eBay fee hike.

Do you ever remember a time when eBay took back a fee hike? I don't. There's a discussion going on at one of the boards I belong to in regards to this. I don't think they'll step down.

Well, let's see. Last year they lost one of my stores when they upped the price, leaving me one store and four eBay IDs. What to do, What to do. Big selling season coming up and well as you know I've diversified but store and four IDs.

Glad to see your safe and thanks for checking in my compadre.

Noobs about my friend!

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