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Am I able to link another username of mine to this account if I wanted to sell under 2 names?

I have 2 ebay accounts, one business account for selling and one personal for buying. Both are linked to the same PP account but I want to sell some personal possessions on the personal account but would like to use Auctiva templates etc.

Is this possible to do? Can I link my other ebay account to this auctiva account? If not, I assume I could open another auctiva account as I won't be using loads of pics. Do I get free templates on the free auctiva account and how many pics can I upload before I have to pay?

Any help would be welcome.

Thanks everyone in advance
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Hi intoodeep,

There is a one-to-one relationship between eBay accounts and Auctiva accounts. In other words, only one Auctiva account can be linked to an eBay account.

If you have an Auctiva Free Plan account, it includes 1 megabyte of image hosting...enough for 10-12 pictures, but it does not include the ability to list or the ability to use templates.

If you upgrade to a $2.95/mo Basic Plan account, you can list up to 15 items in a month (extras cost 50 cents each) and also have use of the Auctiva templates.

Hope this helps. For more details you click this link: Auctiva Pricing Page

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