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My auto-insure rules are set to "do not automatically add insurance" When I received my invoice yesterday - I found they had added insurance to 5 items that I never requested. These were all under $50 and already covered by USPS. I only insure packages going interntional first class or items that are over the $50 usps. However - I do it manually. Anyone else have a problem?
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Dear Tarynlyn,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you experienced. I reviewed the support case you filed on this topic and confirmed that, even though you did not have an Auto Insure Rule set up, insurance policies were automatically generated for these items because the “Automatically purchase insurance for this listing” option was selected on the listing level for each of the items when posted.

If you select “Automatically purchase insurance for this listing” or “Do not purchase insurance for this listing” from the “Auctiva Shipping Insurance” area on the lister page (instead of the default “Use my Auto-Insure Rules” option) when posting an item, that listing level option is expected to override your global Auto Insure Rules for that individual listing.

I understand from your conversation with our Customer Support team that you do not believe you selected this option when posting these items, but I cannot attribute the selection of this option to any technical issues which have occurred on our end of things either.

I see that these charges have been reversed and that your “Enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance” setting has been disabled to prevent insurance policies from being generated for your items, but I was inclined to update this thread anyway to ensure this information is available to anyone else who may review this thread as well.

If you have any other questions regarding this matter, please feel free to follow up with us through the support case you opened on this subject and we will be happy to continue working with you to clear up any remaining loose ends.


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