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I have a question..just maybe somebody knows the answer too. Here we go: I want to list my house on eBay in the real estate section. I want to use Auctiva, templates & picture features, etc. eBay has a feature I need to use called "ad format" this is an upfront fee no Final Value Fee. However Auctiva nor any other service I know of, has this "ad format" checkbox I can use after creating the listing to post it. Does anyone know "if" you can use a differnt format, like "fixed price", etc., post it and then go into eBay and revise it to the "ad format"? I asked eBay, they answered with go the boards to learn about pictures and HTML? SMART! I asked on a listing board on eBy, and got one answer from someone who said you can't revise any listing once it is posted. Of course that's not true as I have revised them in eBay before, as long as their were no bids, etc. What I don't know is if under "revise" or "change" your listing in eBay, if the "option" to change a listing to an "AD format" even is available for real estate? It's a new and different feture that eBay has, as I said, in that it isn't an auction or fixed price, it is really an option where a potential buyer can contact you, which is really why you pay up front first, (a large amount like $300.00), and there is no Final Value Fee. Sorry for the long post, but I don't want to post a listing and not be able to change it. But I want to use Auctiva's template and pictures feture. Thanks to anyone who knows for sure and can or will answer this.
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Hi rupphacker,

Yep, I believe you can do this, assuming the real estate listing form still has a description editor with html mode.

To accomplish this:

1) Create your real estate listing in only need to fill out the item details section, which is the title through the counter, and save.
2) Go to your saved listings folder, check the box next to this item, and click the "Get HTML" button.
3) Copy the html in the pop up window.
4) Open the eBay real estate listing form and fill out the listing completely, except for the description fied.
5) Click the "Click here to enter your own html" tab on the description editor and paste the copied html in the editor.
6) Be sure to preview this listing before posting.

I'm not 100% sure that this will work, but as long as you preview the listing before posting, there won't be any risk to trying.

You could also post this listing as normal using eBay's real estate listing form and then come back and revise the item, pasting the copied html from the saved listing via the same process.

I hope this helps=)


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